[Tutorial] Exporting your "Weekly Exploration" to any music service

Exporting your “Weekly Exploration” to any music service

Navigate to your Recommendations page


Click the JSON info button

Save the results to a file: playlist.json

Get the artists and titles from this using jq:

cat playlist.json | jq -r '.track[] | "\(.creator) - \(.title)"'

Go to TuneMyMusic’s playlist importer:

Select the “Free Text” option


Paste the output from the jq command

Convert your playlist and then select your music service

And then start the transfer!


Hello, I have a couple of questions… (non-technical, non-coding person here)
How do I save something as a JSON?
What is JQ?
What do I do with this code-looking-stuff?

cat playlist.json | jq -r '.track[] | "\(.creator) - \(.title)"'


You press the “inspect playlist” button and then copy and paste the content into the text editor of your choice. Then save that file.

Schermafdruk van 2023-12-05 17-34-17

It’s a lightweight JSON processor. See here.

It’s bash command language. If you do not recognize it, then your computer is probably not equipped to handle it :wink:. In principle, you could use any JSON processor you like to glean the artist and title data from the file. Sadly, if you are a ‘non-technical’ person that may not be an easy task.

FWIW: I too have considerable difficulty resolving the LB playlists into something I can use. So far the “export to Spotify” proves to be most user-friendly, but their database is lacking a lot of tracks from my personal local collection :frowning:


OK, thanks for the answer! I think this is not for me then…

You can do this without needing to install anything…

Navigate to your Recommendations page


Click the JSON info button and then click the COPY button

Go to a JQ playground

Paste the code you copied into the left hand side box

Paste the JQ code into the right hand side box

.track[] | "\(.creator) - \(.title)"

Click the FILTER button

Copy the Tracklist from the Output

You should now be able to go back to the original guide and follow the TuneMyMusic steps