Trying to match ripped CD, but I have an extra track. Wondering about adding new release


I ripped my CD collection to “flac” years ago and have since discarded the physical media and jewel cases. I’ve started updating the metadata using “Picard” and “MusicBrainz”. In a few cases I’ve run into issues with extra (or missing) tracks.

Here’s a specific example. I have a copy of Carole King’s compilation album “Up on the Roof”. The MusicBrainz entry for this has twelve tracks (, but my CD (whatever it was) has an additional track (“Sweet Adonis”).

Having disposed of the physical media, I have no idea about what release my tracks came from. I’ve found a UK & Europe release with the right songs on “Discogs” ( If I search on Amazon, I find some CD covers that mention the song “Sweet Adonis” and includes a release date ( I also found all thirteen tracks on an digital album (

All I personally want is a MusicBrainz release with the right tracks, but I’m not experienced with adding entries here, and would like to “do the right thing”.

So, what should I do?

  • Try to create a release based on the UK Discogs entry?
  • Create a release with very incomplete information and the extra entry.
  • Create a “digital” release off of the album and generate the track signature from my (ripped) flac file.
  • Something else.



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The first option (Try to create a release based on the UK Discogs entry) is probably the best. To help, you might want to look at the Discogs Importer user script. This automates a lot of the copy ‘n’ paste work in creating the edit.