Trouble Creating Database Using Docker

I’m using the most recent version of Ubuntu through WSL2 on Windows 11. I have Docker Desktop installed on Windows.

I’ve been working through the server set up, adding the alteration of mirroring the database only. I can build the database, but when I try running

sudo docker-compose run --rm musicbrainz - fetch

I get one of two errors.

Either I get “Cannot initiate PASV transfer” or it manages to get through and download mbdump.tar.bz2 before stopping, but not exiting–nothing seems to be running, but it doesn’t allow me to add a new command without ending that process.

For the first error, I’ve tried a number of workarounds, but I can’t reliably reproduce the problem. When I repeatedly run the database build command, sometimes it fails after trying to retrieve “latest” (the first ftp connection), and sometimes it fails after trying to retrieve “MD5SUMS.” If it manages to get pass those two, it starts downloading mbdump.tar.bz2, but then runs into my second error.

This setup is not supported. As explained in the section “Required software”, a virtual machine should be used instead. See also [MBVM-53] Document running MusicBrainz Docker Compose project on Windows host - MetaBrainz JIRA.

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I was under the impression that it would be able to work, as WSL2 is a virtual machine running Linux.

I’ll try setting up something different, then.

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I finally got the server set up (decided to skip the database only for now), and I wanted to provide an update in case anyone else tries this.

WSL2 does work in conjunction with Docker Desktop to set up this server. The problem seems to be a WSL2 specific issue regarding ports. I don’t have enough technical knowledge to be able to fully avoid the issue, but trying to create the db multiple times eventually let me get through.

The second problem of not running after the download is just me not being patient enough to let the program run; it needs a much longer time than I had anticipated to get everything done.