There has been a MetaBrainz Transifex project for a few weeks now, but I have only just started translating and have a few questions about the process.

First of all, the MusicBrainz website is updated roughly every two weeks, and the translations are usually synced at the same time (or at least, they should be). That way translation improvements and fixes go live pretty regularly. The MetaBrainz website is probably a lot more static, so I am wondering if there is any plan to provide regular translation updates for too. Or do I have to give someone a nudge every once in a while?

My second question is about a lot of strings having line breaks (mainly the paragraphs, but also the sponsors in the footer for some reason). Can I just ignore them while translating? The website’s design is responsive and seems to ignore the line breaks anyway.


@Gentlecat, I think this might be a question for you :slight_smile:

Well, ideally strings need to be updated after they are changed. But sometimes that step is forgotten, so nudging someone is a good idea (assuming that strings are actually outdated).

Line brakes in strings can be safely ignored unless they are actual <br> tags. They show up because of the way some strings are written in the source.

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Thanks for your reply. My main fear is that it will take a long time before fixed translation errors make it back to the live website. Luckily is a lot less complex than so there is little chance of actually breaking the website through a translation. I’ll try not to bother you to update too often. :slight_smile: