Translated titles question

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Hey there folks,

Recently I was going to double check tags for this release group, Release group “Xenoblade Original Soundtrack” by 下村陽子、ACE+、清田愛未 - MusicBrainz

There’s an official release with Japanese titles and a translated release using official Englsh translations, however you can also add aliases to recordings, releases and release groups, when using the alias with picard would said titles, releases and release groups be translated?

Which is better used in this situation?

Is your question about tagging some files with Picard?
If so, if you want to tag with Japanese titles and artist names, just use the official release.
If you want to tag with Latin script, use the pseudo-release, where even artists have Latin transcriptions, already.

Yeah I was just wondering which would be better to use, as I don’t know if Picard would use recording aliases like it does for artists, it’d also save the need for such pseudo releases.

I didn’t know it used aliases, by the way.
Maybe you checked an option for that.

yeah there’s no documentation on how aliases should be used for recordings, releases or release groups.

Also setting I was talking is named “Translate artist names to this locale where possible”

The doumentation for it also doesn’t mention them, so I figured I’d ask about it before editing something without knowing how it’d be affected.

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Very little software supports MusicBrainz aliases outside of Artist aliases. That includes Picard without plugins.

Aliases should ideally still be entered on releases and release groups in order to help prevent the submission of duplicate releases, but you can’t seed aliases to the release editor so it rarely ever happens.

Ideally, I’d like to see the MusicBrainz website offer the ability to translate names for release groups and recordings using aliases based on your preferred locale to ease editor quality of life. (If we had that, I suspect there would be more incentive to implement alias consumption for tagging purposes.)


Thanks yindesu, that’s exactly what I was trying to figure out, so for the time being Picard can’t see the aliases for recordings, releases and release groups, so a psuedo release is the best course of action right now, but we should still add aliases for them in the event that a plug-in or native functionality is added for Picard?


Opened a ticket for this to be added, hopefully someone takes on the task

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