Transitioning Italian translation to Weblate

Congrats on these developments. While I still find certain parts of the Weblate UX clunky and not very intuitive, I am pleased to see that the self-hosted platform is noticeably snappier than the hosted instances I have worked with before.

My main question so far relates to the transition between platforms: whereas the Italian translation was complete across all projects last time I checked it a few weeks ago, there are now several hundreds untranslated strings across the different projects. Are these all legit new strings, or did something go wrong in the transition?

A note to other recurrent translators: ‘watching’ a project is not sufficient to be notified of new strings, as was the case on Transifex. Weblate has more granular settings for that, but keep an eye out for it, the controls have failed me before.


Are you sure it was? Many components on Transifex got disabled for translation some while ago to prepare to migrate to weblate. And Transifex has this strange behavior to show all translations as 100% if they go disabled. So the numbers on Transifex right now is everything 100%.


I had a closer look and, aside from legit new strings that have been introduced recently, the majority of untranslated strings is linked to the fact that the MB Glossary is now considered as a standalone component (however, I understand it is still entirely optional if we do not find it that helpful for our target languages).

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Thanks a lot for your contributions, just saw Picard Italian is now 100% again. And just if you wonder: The new “constants” component is intentionally locked right now. It will be automatically populated with translations currently in the main component soon. Then there will be a real 100% again :slight_smile:


@salo.rock I just checked your translation of the Picard website. That’s awesome, gratie mille! I already enabled Italian, so the next time we deploy the website it will be online.


Np! By the way, your screenshot just made me notice that we can’t localise the version/OS line inside the Download button. :wink:


I know. Wanted to fix that, but needs some restructuring first.