Track titles on classical release with very long track listing

I’m looking to enter a release with the following tracklisting (printed in the booklet, nowhere else on the release):

Following the classical style guide, this would lead to some very long track titles (especially for track 3 on CD 2). Most other recordings of this work (Mass in B minor) use much shorter titles.

Should I stick to the styleguide here?

No, that would be impractical, and CSG allows for better handling: “Titles on classical releases should mostly follow the printed information, with addition of the overall work title to movement tracks […]”
So go for incipit (i.e. first words making a practical unit for identification), f.i.:
2.1 Symbolum Nicenum: Credo in unum Deum
2.1 Symbolum Nicenum: Patrem omnipotentem
2.3 Symbolum Nicenum: Et in unum Dominum
2.4 Symbolum Nicenum: Et incarnatus est
2.5 Symbolum Nicenum: Crucifixus
2.6 Symbolum Nicenum: Et resurrexit
2.7 Symbolum Nicenum: Et in Spitirum Sanctum


What performance is it ? I wonder how Idagio treated the track names.

According to the booklet it’s the performance from 2007-04-29 in the Ratzeburger Dom, conducted by Neithard Bethke. It might be bogus credits/some obscure thing though, the CD in question was a promotional gift given by medical companies.

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