Track titles are identified but are not being saved

Hi. This topic may have been previously addressed but I have not found a specific answer.

Musicbrainz Picard has correctly identified the titles of tracks and I am able to save the files. However, when I find the album in Windows Explorer, the titles of each track are “unknown”. Is there an explanation that anyone has? Thanks in advance.

First you need to check Options / File Naming to see whether your file naming script has become corrupted. If you are unsure, copy it and post it here.

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Some additional thoughts:

What version of Windows are you using? Windows for a long time had trouble reading ID3v2.4 tags, only recent Windows 10 versions can handle that. In Picard options check whether you have configured ID3v2.3 in Options > Tags for best compatibility.

Also ensure you have “save tags to files” actually activated.