Track Suggestion

Hey everyone!

I am Emre, a GSoC 2022 contributor for Mixxx. For those who don’t know, Mixxx is an open source DJ software that supports many features for performing. such as 4 decks, MIDI and HID controllers, and vinyl turntables.

I have been accepted with my project “Track Suggestion Feature”. What is my project all about? It aims to help DJs. What kind of help? There is a big problem for every DJ. It appears after hours of music have been played and the dance floor is full “What to play next?”. What if we had a track suggestion feature in our app? That would be really helpful for DJs. So… Track Suggestion in Mixxx.

We want to add a feature that can make suggestions to DJ. For the time being, we haven’t decided which services to use; instead, we’re attempting to determine which services would be the best approach for now.

Mixxx has already Import Metadata From MusicBrainz.

Me and my mentor saw this article on the blog. Playlists and personalised recommendations in ListenBrainz – MetaBrainz Blog.

We thought Listenbrainz would be a really good service that we could use. So, I thought It would be nice to come and say hi! So, hi again :slight_smile:

What do you think? Do you have any questions, ideas or feedbacks?




Hi! Congrats and Welcome :smiley: As you are already there, let’s keep the conversation going in #metabrainz IRC channel.