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Hi all, when using the track search results it brings up loads of code, this never used to happen before, is there an option to switch it off as this track:(You & I) artist:(Bru-C,Simula) release:(Original Sounds) tnum:(7) tracks:(13) qdur:(132) used to come up without brackets etc.

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I don’t understand your question.
Please link your example.

I am using an example track search for the first time for you, and I don’t see any funny stuff.

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Sorry, for some odd reason this notification has only just come up.


Ah in Picard?

Try adding AND between each conditions, because it’s what you want, I guess:


track:(it's a killa) AND artist:(fisher \& shermanology) AND release:(it's a killa) AND tnum:(1) AND qdur:(100) AND isrc:(QM24S2200746)


I don’t know this parenthesis syntax, very much.
I tried quotes instead of brackets, also works and I tried not escaping the \& it also works as well.

BTW, strange display glitch, you don’t see the text carret in the search bar, you don’t know where you type (in the last screen shot I see it, because I made a selection first).


Yes sorry I was a bit plain in my explanation.
I’m just trying to figure out how to revert it back to how it used to be without all the jargon if that make sense.

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How did you launch this search?

I drag and drop the files into Pickard and it will automatically find what it needs to then if there are some that don’t automatically search I ‘CTRL T’

Previously it would show as

However I’ve removed the jargon myself
Hope this make sense

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The search by default always uses advanced query syntax to search for recordings that match the existing tracks, so it explicitly searches for e.g. artist and title with track:(#Beautiful) artist:(Mariah Carey feat. Miguel). This is done so that other fields such as track duration can be taken into account as well.

This is different than searching for “#Beautiful Mariah Carey feat. Miguel”, which just does a full text search for those words.

But as you noticed you can change and tweak the search as you want. This is just a free search dialog you can use for finding any recordings.


Just to illustrate the difference, here is an example. This search searches for separate track name and artist:

Note how the matches for that come first. When you just do a free text search containing the track name and artist name you get something very different:

That’s because a free text search searches the recording names. So the MB server tries to find recordings that match all of the given text.

You get a bit better results when you put the individual parts in quotation marks, as now it tries to find full matching strings:


Ok your 3rd search gave a better result with the quotes, I just find that all that extra text brings up some irrelevant tracks and sometimes nothing at all.

how do i change the default syntax for the “search for similar tracks” function so i can choose which parameters to search for (e.g. remove the duration parameter, and remove compilation and mix results), instead of editing the search manually each and every time?