Track / Recording Titles for Bonus DVDs

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I apologize if this has already been covered, but I haven’t been able to find it.

Is there a guideline or an accepted method for naming track and recording titles for tracks on a bonus DVD, such that they are clearly noted as being a video and the recording isn’t accidentally selected for an audio track because the duration is similar?

For example, one release of the BoDeans album Love & Hope & Sex & Dreams comes with a bonus DVD containing live versions of many of the same songs as the CD. Should the DVD tracks (or their associated recordings) include some sort of disambiguation in the title to indicate that it is a video rather than a normal audio track? Perhaps something like “She’s a Runaway (DVD video)” rather than simply “She’s a Runaway”. That way it would be unlikely that this recording would be selected if someone were to enter a new release containing the track “She’s a Runaway” that happened to correspond to the track length of the video version.

I’ve entered a few of these Bonus DVD media, and am now wondering if I should go back and change the title of the tracks and/or recordings to provide some disambiguation.




You can mark a recording as a video when you edit the recording. I don’t think there is a way to set a large number of recordings as video (unless there is a userscript for that), so you will have to do it one by one.

I am not sure if the video attribute is visible everywhere when you search for it though, so a disambiguation comment might by useful.


It does show up when searching “(video)” after the title as if it was disambiguation so there shouldn’t be any need to add disambiguation. Definitely a pain to set all the recordings as videos after creating them, but the mechanism is there.


The video attribute is not visible in some cases, but in general it is the cleanest solution for this. I have sometimes added something like “official music video” to the disambiguation comment (not the title) to disambiguate it from other video recording s if the same song, but I have mostly done that in cases when I added a standalone recording for it.


If it’s not visible somewhere relevant, we probably should change that :slight_smile:

Keep in mind we do also have a recording-recording “music video for”, if useful, now.


That’s cool, did not actually know we have that.

Update: Looks like I knew about it after all, I have used the relationship actively :slight_smile:


Thanks, guys. I must have missed the checkbox when I first created the recordings for the DVD tracks. I’ll go back and do them one at a time. Like you say, a bit of work but at least they’ll be right.


Is there a way of marking all the (new) recordings as video when entering a new medium? I couldn’t see anything, so am I missing something or is editing them individually after they are created the only way to mark them as video?


You are correct, it is not possible yet.


In looking at some others to see how they were handled, I ran across a release by Finger Eleven where the same recording was attached to tracks on both the CD and DVD. This is what I was concerned about with my edit in the first place.

I actually have this Finger Eleven album (CD and DVD), so I don’t mind fixing up the entries and can check the CD and DVD tracks if required. What I’m wondering is… If the audio portion of the video is the same as the track on the CD (e.g.: the video is a music video for a studio track on the CD), should they still be separate recordings? I’m thinking that they should, but am checking before I make any changes (create and link new recordings for the video tracks) and screw something up. If that is the case, I should probably look into the “music video for” thing that @reosarevok mentioned.



Yes. Videos are much more than just their audio track, after all :slight_smile:


Agreed. :relaxed:

Further to what @outsidecontext noted above about: [quote=“outsidecontext, post:4, topic:244281”]
video attribute is not visible in some cases

here is an example. If you go to edit the tracks for the BoDeans Love & Hope & Sex & Dreams album, you will note that the recording attached to Track 1 of the DVD (Medium 2) correctly displays the “(video)” disambiguation. However, if you edit the recording for that track (by clicking the “Edit” button) and do a lookup for the track title “Small Town Ways”, the list that is presented does not show the “(video)” disambiguation. The same holds true if you edit the recording associated with Track 15 on the CD (Medium 1) and again do a lookup for “Small Town Ways”. This could easily lead to the video recording being selected for an audio track on a CD (or vice-versa). This would not be a problem if the “(video)” disambiguation that is automatically shown in the Recordings tab of the Edit tab for the Release was also shown in the Recordings list when doing a lookup while editing the recording for a Track. Unfortunately it appears that’s not the case.


Thanks for catching that one. I added MBS-9306.


Perhaps this is just a timing issue. In my example, if you do the lookup and specify Direct Search then the “(video)” attribute shows. It could be that the database index just hasn’t been updated yet, although it has been over 24 hours since the attribute has been applied. Is it possible that different fields are displayed in the lookup depending on whether Indexed Search or Direct Search is specified?

I’m beginning to think that it is just timing (and I haven’t waited long enough) because the “(video)” attribute is properly displayed during the lookup (direct or indexed) for the recordings on Live at Wembley by Beyoncé.


Yes. And it might also be timing, since as you mentioned, it does show for the Beyoncé one… but then, why does it show in some inline searches but not others for the ones in your release?


I believe it only shows for Track 1 (Small Town Ways), because that is the only one where the edit setting the “video” flag has been applied. The edits for the other tracks are still open.


Yeah, but if I search for “Small Town Ways” in the recordings list for the Rihanna release, above, I don’t see (video). Yet if I search for it when trying to add an artist-recording relationship, it does say (video). So that’s quite confusing.


Very confusing. Definitely something not right. I’m hoping it’s just a timing thing, and once the database indices are all updated it will appear consistently throughout.