Track Name "Beau mot plage"

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I wonder what should be the correct capitalization for this track as for now there is “Beau mot plage” and “Beau Mot Plage”.
Stricly applying french it should be “Beau Mot plage” but it looks kind of ugly.
To explain this title dont really makes sense (Beautiful Word Beach literally). After some searches I found this: where a guy seems to have asked the german artist in 2005 about the name and it came from a beach name where he grow up as young. Then from wikipedia it seems he lived in Algeria and I found this one: “Plage Bomo”

So as this is a play on word/sound I will tend to use “Beau mot plage” as"

  • Real name is only one word
  • There are other tracks in french on album and cover shows everything in small character
  • Name could come from arab which dont use capital letters
  • Small letters tend to look better with minimalist electro :slight_smile:

Cons argument:

  • Writing “Plage” at the end makes it look like english grammar

Would like to have your point of view before editing

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This is usually the choice of a graphic designer, not the artist, see capitalization standards.

I’m not sure this is not just the choice of a graphic designer again, as I have some releases from Arabic-speaking countries printed in both Arabic script and Latin script with proper capitalization.

Personally I would write “Beau Mot Plage” as a proper (geographical) noun, except if it is artist’s intent to use a different capitalization.


I’m OK and so to generalize we could say that all “Created names by artist” should be uppercase?

It’s uppercase because it is a proper noun, like in most languages. If the artist did create a common noun, it would not be uppercase, for example: “la tétrapilectomie” created by Umberto Eco.

Guidelines favor artist’s intent (including capitalization) already as written in “Principles” and “Artist Intent”.

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I m OK to put all capital but I may not have been clear: “Beau Mot Plage” dont exist, it s a play on words created by artist which seems to refer to “plage Bomo” in Algeria based on where artist lived young.
And basically applying french rules “Plage” should not be capitalized (but we seems to all agree that we should keep it captialized)

No worry, it was perfectly clear to me: “Beau Mot Plage” is an homophonous wordplay of “Bomo Plage” which designates a beach in Bousfer municipality near Oran in Algeria. “Plage” is lowercase when it comes as a common noun ahead of the beach name as in “la plage de Bomo” or “la plage Bomo”. But when “plage” comes after it, it is generally uppercase as part of the proper noun as in “Paris-Plage” or “Larmor-Plage”, even though both uppercase and lowercase variations can be found in local newspapers: “Bomo Plage”, “Bomo plage”, “Bomo-plage”, or “Bomo-Plage”. That is why I retained uppercase.

Note that “Beau Mot” is probably a socially-marked pronunciation as “Bomo” is not the only Latin translitteration, see also Bomou.

I would put it in Pros argument because Oran is a touristic destination, so it is possible that the grammar for local attractions has been (intentionally or gradually) anglicized to better match international audience.


It was a cons when I was speaking of keeping lower then indeed it makes it a pro to keep uppercase :slight_smile:
I edited almost all recordings and tracks, remain the ones with pending edits that I will redo after end of vote period.