Track List contains an error - but I can't find it

I uploaded data via “Add Cluster as release” from Picard to MusicBrainz for this release:
Claude Debussy - The Complete Works

On Musicbrainz is says that there is an errow in the track list. The error is that every track needs an artist and a title. But this is already the case. I don’t see what the problem mighty be. Please help.

Here is a screenshot from the page:

Many thanks

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Only the three green Debussy’s are linked to actual artists. The artists with a white background are only text and should be linked to an actual artist. To do that, click “Bearbeiten”.

By the way, you set the medium format to CD, but all this music would never fit on one. Aren’t these supposed to be multiple CDs?


Thank you. I thought that errors would appear in red. I’ll try what you suggested.

Yes it’s a box set with 33 CDs. What would be the right format? I cant find “multiple CDs”.

You’ll have to add different mediums. When you add a release, only one medium is present to fill in by default. Select “Medium hinzufügen” at the bottom of the page to add a medium.

Since you have such a large box set, it is probably easier (and better for your sanity) to add only the first few CDs, enter the release, edit the release to add a few more mediums etc. You can save the information from the plugin “Add Cluster as Release” by clicking on the button “Titelparser”, copying the contents of the window that pops up to notepad and working from there.

Thank you. I finished it now.

Just one question regarding the linking of the artists: Why don’t they get linked automatically? I linked them, took content from Titelparser and entered it for each medium. Then I had to link the artists again.

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The Titelparser is plain text, because it is meant as a plain text input where you can paste a track list you found on the internet. The fact that you can use it to easily copy information from a medium to Notepad is just a side-effect of that. But because it is plain text, it doesn’t include any links.

I’ve been caught by this “error” a number of times. It really isn’t clear when you are entering it that MB hasn’t picked up the artist name that was entered. If the UI is under review then this would be an area for improvement, but I’m not sure how/where to log it.

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I agree, a red background instead of a white one would be a lot clearer. You could create a ticket for it. The UI is under review, so I’ll pin @chhavi too.

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