Track down duplicate listings in album pane-show filenames

I have (had) two tracks with the same name and the two-note icon next to them in the album pane. Is there any way to find out the filename of a track in the album pane?

One says (said) “non-album tracks” and has no track number. I deleted that single-track album, refreshed, but the correct one still has the two-note icon, indicating a problem. How would I correct that?
The Info button and right-click Info option are now working (for some reason). I still haven’t been able to get rid of the error indications. I’ll try deleting and re-ripping.

Two note icon means there is no file there.

If a file was there then you’d see it’s file name and path in the status bar of Picard (at the bottom)

Paste a screen shot (Snipping Tool in Windows is your friend - you can just past in a forum post)

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