Towards a MusicBrainz game - "art in the medium of agency", with hq shareable glyph

[melange-style presentation - you sort it out]


Analysis of Wordle’s attractiveness

Your task:
Develop a game that uses the Musicbrainz encyclopedia that will go viral like Wordle. Please include a shareable glyph that communicates the game-player’s struggle.

This Editor declares an a wholly natural fascination with Wordle.
Wordle 210 3/6


EDIT: Feel free to brainstorm here - all civil ideas are welcomed, though boring, unworkable, incomplete and wholey derivative ideas are especially welcomed. With a little weaving, pruning, composting or grafting such ideas will help a lot.


Maybe something involving HueSound? It spits out a bunch of cover art and you have to try and match it to a genre?

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Thanks for the game link, I played and found the word! :grin:


Good stuff.
Let us know when inspiration strkes and you see a way how the MB db can be used in art in the medium of agency.

(Only 2hrs and 16 minutes till the next Wordle.)

I like selflessself’s idea of using coverart.

Possibilities using coverart in a Wordle-manner:

  1. Fan could nominate an Artist and then get given album covers from 5 random Releases by that Artist. They then get to put them in chron order of release date.

  2. Fan nominates Artist and then get given the album cover for a Releases by that Artist and five tracktitles from the album. They try to put the tracks in correct order.

Progress glyph could use minaturised front/song coverart.
Other sequences in db that could be ordered by the player might be performancevenues, first Releasedate by Artist on Labels, date of joining groups.
Works by a Composer/Writer could be ordered by average length of Recordings of that Work in the db, (but with order of date of writing for Classical too often being ruined by Opus numbers?).

Even more Wordle-like would be getting coverart for say 20 Releases by a nominated Artist and then working out which 5 are the mystery sequence by Releasedate.

Someone’s done a pretty good job with this one!

I do think there’s lessons for ListenBrainz to be learned - I ignored Wordle until it started popping up in all my chats. It is VERY easy to share your results!!!


FYI, here’s a game to guess the notes in the melody with rhythm given as hint:


Heardle seems to have become a Spotify thing. Recently it started to tell me it is not available in my region anymore and redirects me to Spotify instead :frowning: