Towards a MusicBrainz game - "art in the medium of agency", with hq shareable glyph

[melange-style presentation - you sort it out]


Analysis of Wordle’s attractiveness

Your task:
Develop a game that uses the Musicbrainz encyclopedia that will go viral like Wordle. Please include a shareable glyph that communicates the game-player’s struggle.

This Editor declares an a wholly natural fascination with Wordle.
Wordle 210 3/6


EDIT: Feel free to brainstorm here - all civil ideas are welcomed, though boring, unworkable, incomplete and wholey derivative ideas are especially welcomed. With a little weaving, pruning, composting or grafting such ideas will help a lot.


Maybe something involving HueSound? It spits out a bunch of cover art and you have to try and match it to a genre?

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Thanks for the game link, I played and found the word! :grin:


Good stuff.
Let us know when inspiration strkes and you see a way how the MB db can be used in art in the medium of agency.

(Only 2hrs and 16 minutes till the next Wordle.)