Tour staff relationships

This is a spinoff of Mention tour/live staff information from cover art in relationships for a studio album?.
I don’t think it’s ever been discussed whether we should list artists’ tour staff at the release level if they’re credited on the release. What does everyone think? I personally am conflicted, but I do think listing tour staff on the Event or Series level might be workable.

But it has to handled case by case.
I don’t think Roadie #3 needs listed. But there are times when roadie #3 is also Left Shark. And some tour coordinators simply arrange hotel rooms in each city, while others are responsible for putting on Broadway-esque productions each night.

Another thing we need to be aware of - a guitar tech can be more than just the guy that tunes guitars. The technology that exists today is not just for keyboards anymore. Some guitar techs are doing the equivalent of keyboard programming.

In that vein, I’ve created a ticket for an instrument tech relationship.

I think it would be better to link them to events, first. No?

That’s precisely the reason I started this thread: I wanted to keep the original thread confined to the context of tour staff relationships on the release level, so I spun off a new discussion for these relationships on the event/series level. Most of these relationships are by nature more relevant for live performances (or series of them) than they are for releases; I was afraid if we kept all the discussion to one thread the thread would get derailed and the original point would be lost.