Totally Messed up Entry (Fixed!)

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So I came across this Really Messed Up™ EditionGroup:

Basically it appears someone has added an ED and then entered several editions into it, making the EditionGroup a sort of publicist (hence the name “Penguin” also I presume)

I’m soliciting help with fixing this mess, each edition here should have its own edition group, there might be duplicates also.
Finally the publicist should be picked from one of these probably

All these entries are not even related to a writer. So this has to be totally reworked.

Wow @Goldilox, you’re earning an order for what you’re doing. Hats off!! :wink:
Besides, I think I didn’t mention it: It’s good to have you back…

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Thanks for the recognition. It was quite a mess, however I haven’t completed the task. It will have to live for another session (unless someone beats me to it).


:​O wow.

I had imagined maybe some interest in this, but that someone would take it upon themselves to fix all that and in such a little time?
I agree with indy here, you deserve some kind of reward :1st_place_medal:
:clap: :clap: :clap:
Standing ovation


Thank you very much. I would stand as well but my legs are numb.