“Top x Artists of 20XX” award series, how to list honorable mentions?

so, as y’all might know, I’ve been hyper focused on Brony music recently. I’ve been adding a ranking of the top 300-some Brony artists of 2014, and I’ve run into a bit of a snag…

at the bottom, they list some honorable mentions, and I’m not sure how to add those to the series… do I just set the number to something like “Honorable Mention” and leave it at that? that would likely sort them to the bottom of the list, as they are on the original listing.

…or do I add them to the annotation? I don’t like this option, as there’s no true database link in that case.


Maybe something short like ‘HM’ instead of the number, and then have “HM = Honourable Mention” in the annotation?

that could be an option, but if I spell it all out, it would be clearer on the artist’s relationships page

Good point e hoa (my friend) :grin:

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Let UI / UX dictate NOTHING about your rich data, good sir. Stuff that whole string in the “number” field and hold your head high!