Tools app for Listenbrainz


For the past few months I worked on a collection of tools for Listenbrainz targeted more towards power users. And now that it hit a somewhat stable state, I’ve decided to finally make an official announcement (and builds!)

So… What is it?

It is a command line app able to run multiple commands to do various things Listenbrainz related. Currently, only a few are implemented, but it grow in due time.

Here’s the current feature list:

  • List unmapped listens, alongside a link to map them
  • Listen mapper
  • On demand statistics for recordings, artists, releases, release-groups and works.
  • Radio playlist generators with multiple algorithms for discovery, sharing or just regular mixes


I plan to update it with new tools in the future, and a few are actually currently in development.

The app is still in beta, so there might be some bugs left. So feel free to spam issues and suggestions.
The name may change in the future too, but I need to think about a good one