Too time consuming

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So i wanted to request a (another!) feature, and thought i’d to it right.

first i had to find the correct website, out of many…
then i have to log in again…
oh, i have join (even though its all music brainz right)…
but i cant - i have to contact an administrator - to request membership…

oh come on !!!

I just wanted to request that picard has a filter dropdown.
When i lookup/scan a couple of songs the database/online pane lists ALL the tracks of the album, even though i only have 2 or so…
In other words i spend too much time scrolling the database pane. A filter saying “leave out tracks i dont own” would make life easier.

oh, I see some other options here would be good

  • don’t list the albums that have no changes
  • list only bluestar
  • list only yellow



Are you referring to JIRA? Registration has been by request only for a while because of an influx of spammers.
You can either message an admin via MB or you can jump in our IRC channel #metabrainz on and ask there.