To "86" something

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Sorry for my ignorance but what is 86?

iTunes track titles

Remove, delete, destroy.


Wow, what an insider private joke or something.
Ok, it means delete, whatever the origins, too many words I don’t get. :thinking:
@HibiscusKazeneko, please just say delete next time. :sweat_smile:


jesus2099, it is an American expression, not too commonly used but I have heard it before.


I just had to explain “I rest my case” to someone from Germany.

I hate speaking to the overseas call centers for that very reason. Some of them speak very good English (better than some Americans I have come across), but they lack the little things.
In fairness, when I get overseas calls -
Watashi no shita ga nejireru
Meine zunge wird verdreht
מיין צונג ווערט טוויסטיד
meyn tsung vert tvistid
my tongue gets twisted.