Titles with words borrowed from other languages

Hello everyone,

I found this Dutch release with one English title that is also the title of the album. The title of the song/album is called ‘The happy Achterhooker’. The Achterhook is a region in the Netherlands so Achterhooker is capitalized even in Dutch. The only confusion left is if I put it like ‘The Happy Achterhooker’ or ‘The happy Achterhooker’.

The song is sung in Dutch, and all of the other songs are also in Dutch ans have Dutch titles.

This is how the titles are written on the back of the cover:

On the back is is spelled as ‘The happy Achterhooker’ as you can see.

I hope someone can clarify what to do with these sorts of titles, and in particular this one.



Well, that does sound like an English title, not just a loanword, in which case I’d do that in English caps (and the Dutch titles in Dutch caps) :slight_smile:


It’s not a loanword, but a pun. The title resonates with the Happy Hooker and a resident of the Achterhoek is an “Achterhoeker”.

The word “Achterhooker” does not actually exist in either language. Hence the confusion :slight_smile: .

I’m from the Achterhoek myself, and I did indeed assume it was some kind of pun on how an English speaker might pronounce ‘Achterhoeker’ as ‘Achterhooker’.

I now put the songs like this:

Looks fine to me!

And I spot another interlingual pun: “the Voederbietels”. They certainly were on a roll :smiley:.