Titles with parenthesis


Am I wrong on my logic? I’d like other editors to look at this before I make any further edits on this one, due to the high number of edits that would be involved.

I put this in an edit note, but then noticed the edit was canceled, so I figured it should be discussed here.

In this case, I think the complete title is a single phrase, “Further On” is a verbal phrase, and “up” is the preposition. So “Further On (up the Road)” would be correct.


Many titles have brackets in them. A bracket does not mean ETI as it is part of the title. I agree with Beckfield’s version.

Now if this was a live version then you’d have two sets of brackets and the second set would be the ETI as it was extra to the title…

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But the lyrics are “And I’ll meet you further on up the road”, I don’t think “further on” is a phrasal verb there? I might be completely wrong on this though, this is an area where my English grammar falls short.


I disagree that Further On is a verbal phrase given the the verb in the lyric is “meet”.

But it does seem to me that the “up the road” part should be considered optional so I agree that “Further On (up the Road)” seems best.

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That’s a fair point, I think you’re right. I hadn’t considered the full lyric.

So, I think I’m going with Further On (up the Road), when parentheses are present. Further on up the Road when they aren’t. “Further On” is not an inseparable verbal phrase. Easiest way I have found is to swap order of words. “Further up on the Road” is still ok, so not inseparable. (Example Shine On Crazy Diamond, couldn’t be Shine Crazy On Diamond). I do think “Up the Road” is optional and “Further On” would be main title.