Title in the first position, followed by artist

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I’m new to the product. Congratulations to developers.
In the Naming file I would like to put the title of the song in first position followed by the artist.
The title does not appear with the following syntax.

%title% - $if2(%albumartist%,%artist%)/$if(%_multiartist%,%artist%,)/$if(%artist%,%artist%,)


Thanks a lot.


Remember, those slashes are directories. If your script worked, it would look like:

My Music\song title - album artist\multiartist\artist.mp3

I think what you want is more like:

$if2(%albumartist%,%_multiartist%,%artist)/%title% - %artist%

I can’t really tell from your example what you’re trying to do with the directory structure, but ending with %title% - %artist% will give you file names like:

song title - artist name.mp3


OK. I did not know what the slashes were for. I do not want directory structure, I do not care.
I just want to
Song Title - Artist.mp3

with your script, however, I have a title like this:
Artist Song Title - Artist.mp3

Thanks a lot


Then that’s just:

%title% - %artist%