TIDAL Store closes

All links to store.tidal.com need to be ended as of 10/20/2022.


Are the links to end? Is this the “end of tidal” or are they changing to “streaming only”? Just blocking the download options?

They just became streaming only. The “tidal.com” & “listen.tidal.com” links are still good.

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Thanks for sharing that, and what a bummer. Tidal’s store was a mess (tons of duplicate seemingly-identical albums, sometimes with different prices, and the download process often gave me trouble), but it was nice to have another non-Amazon/Apple option for major-label releases. Per Comparison of digital music stores - Wikipedia, 7digital and Qobuz are the only remaining survivors, right?


The iTunes store still exists but you can only purchase 256kbps, not hi-res, only streaming for hi-res. 7digital still exist, but almost all major label releases are gone after this past July for some unknown reason I can find. HDTracks, Qobuz, and Mora (Japan only) & e-onkyo (Japan only) are the main purchase sites now for hi-res. There are some others where you can still purchase hi-res but those are the only major ones I can think of right now.