Ticket System Clarifications

Hey! I have recently worked on an AcousticBrainz ticket (AB-387) and I am looking for clarification on some of the processes related to the ticketing system. I assigned myself to this issue and created a pull request for it which was “added to whitelist”. What exactly is the whitelist? Additionally, if I assign myself to a ticket is it my responsibility to mark it’s status as “in progress”, and is it my responsibility to change this status to “resolved” at some point after making a pull request? Or is this functionality meant for the reporter rather than the assignee? Just looking for some clarification. Thanks!!

We don’t have a document that answers your questions, but https://github.com/metabrainz/acousticbrainz-server/blob/master/CONTRIBUTING.md would be a great place to put these things. You’re welcome to take this answer and add the contents to this doc in a new PR :slight_smile:

  • Any person who wishes to work on a ticket can assign themselves to the ticket, and they should set it to in progress when they start work on it
    • Related to this, we have a bug where we cannot make a ticket’s progrs go back to “new” if someone abandons it. We should fix this
  • We automatically run CI tests on pull requests, but only if the user who submits it is in a whitelist (this is so that people cannot maliciously send many pull requests and overload our CI system). Now that you’re in the whitelist, any further PRs of yours will automatically get tested
  • The project maintainer (me) changes ticket statuses to resolved when they are merged
  • At the moment (during SoC season) I’ve been looking at new pull requests about twice a week. You’re in luck, I’m planning on looking at them again tonight!

Thank you for the clarification! This is helpful information that I wasn’t able to find so I’d be happy to document it in https://github.com/metabrainz/acousticbrainz-server/blob/master/CONTRIBUTING.md for others to follow along. I’ll also change that PR status to in progress :slightly_smiling_face:

One follow up question - I noticed a pull request that has the status “in progress” however it doesn’t have anybody assigned (e.g. AB-28). If that is the case, is someone already working on it?

Right, this is because of my previous comment, that we don’t have the ability in the AcousticBrainz project in jira to “un-in-progress” a ticket. This is a straightforward fix that I’ll try and make.

Having said that, AB-28 is a ticket with a bit of a messy history, and is also related to another one that we already have an open PR for, and has some similarity with work that we have suggested for an SoC project. I would recommend that if you’re interested in this that you discuss it further with us, either here, on the ticket, or in IRC before starting it.

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