This should be a 2-disc release group, right?

Working through my collection, I came across this release group:

It seems to have a strange history. The vinyl was released as a double album, which is fine.

When I purchased my CDs, I bought them separately (separate catalog number and bar code). From what I have seen, I believe they should be a pair, with two catalog numbers listed and I plan to fix the ones I had to enter (they are a mess, please don’t look - lol).

But, looking at all the releases in Discogs:

The latest releases of the CDs were actually released on different dates.

So, how would these ideally be organized? At first I thought it would be a collection of 2xMedia releases, but now I’m not so sure.

If they were sold separately, then they should be entered as two releases. I would also make two release groups, unless there is also a release which does combine the two CDs in one package. The guidelines are a bit vague about that last bit though.


Ooh, I’m not sure. From what I understand on Discogs it was initially released as one complete package and later sometimes sold as a split release (vol.1 and vol.2). I could understand it as either three release groups or one, but would probably tend towards one release group. It would be worth making an annotation or two that these are genuinely separate releases so they don’t get merged as disc 1 and 2.


Agreed - one release group seems the way to go. And yes, if both halves were released separately, that means it’ll have some single media releases alongside the double ones.

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Thanks everyone - I think a two disc release with some single media releases is the best way to go. At least all the craziness is in one place to see!

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