Third Pary Karaoke release artists

I’m editing a release that is marketed as a Various Artists karaoke release. It currently is listed as a Various Artist as the release artist. Each track and recording are credited as the original artist “that made that song a classic”. However, on the back cover art states that the music is by “Dragon Productions/Optimus International Ltd”. I feel it odd to have the original artist credited as they clearly have no involvement. Should I just leave it as a V/A comp with the original artist? Should I add the company that did the music as a new artist and replace all with them? If I do that, should it state the label as the artist credited as the original artist? I’ve never messed with a karaoke release of this type. Any suggestions. I can find nothing on the guidelines or previous topics. I’ve already updated the works from “instrumental of” to “karaoke of”


Sounds like the puzzle I get with cover albums. Technically you can argue these are [unknown]. If there are a lot from this one label I don’t see what is wrong with making up a fictional “Dragon/Optimus Cover Band”. The trouble is there is nothing “as written”. Low production CDs like this fall between the gaps in the guidelines.

I agree they should not be credited to the artists as that just leads to bad merges and confusion in Recordings discographies.