Things I learned from Musicbrainz

As I was scanning art for newly acquired CDs, it occurred to me that I’m much better than I used to be at disassembling jewel cases. :laughing: :crazy_face:

What unusual skills have you acquired from editing here?


Why do I have a CD scanning toolbox on my desk?

  • The plastic guitar plectrum \ plastic pry bar for popping cases open.
  • The little suction cup I need to pick old CDs off the scanner glass that don’t have the plastic stacker ring.
  • USB microscope for looking at those IFPI code.

Real Skillz include my speed of cropping, editing, tweaking, adjusting images in Paint dot Net has certainly improved.

The main ability I learnt is how to look up stuff in Ebay via Barcode to buy direct from something I have seen in MusicBrainz… Or how to keep expanding the collection faster than my attempt of scanning and cataloguing everything. :rofl:


I learned a bunch of unicode shortcuts and started using typographically correct characters in a database at work and broke stuff lol


Are you saying you don’t use your fingernails any longer (if they are still intact)? :rofl:

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My CDs are too old and have no stacking ring. :nail_care:

Try picking an old 1990s PDO CD off a glass surface. Impossible. Even with fingernails. :joy:

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The suction cup is a good idea. I slide a piece of paper under the edge of the CD and lift it off the scanner glass that way, but it sometimes takes me a few tries.


In fact, I tried that too, but failed. Not even a sheet of paper fits between the glass plate and the disc. My first attempts ended with me turning the scanner upside down. Turning the scanner vertically wasn’t enough for the CD to come off the glass. Ivan’s suction cup really was a much better method. :laughing:

(Apart from this, I learned pretty much everything about music production and releases from MB)