"Theme From" - subtitle or ETI?

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I know there’s been some off-and-on discussion about this, but this edit brought it back to the forefront. For tracks with parenthesized text “Theme From XYZ”, it’s not totally clear whether this is intended to be a subtitle or extra title information (ETI). Was this ever settled at any point?

I’ve been leaving the ‘from’ lowercase in titles like these, as in Love Theme from The Godfather

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I think it makes perfect sense to leave “from” lowercase there (it looks really odd to me to capitalize it!) — but unfortunately that’s not what our English guide says. Probably we should change it! Personally, I’d just adopt The Chicago Manual of Style, but something tells me that’s not going to fly.

Odd to add “from” as a special exception, so maybe just change “short” to 4 or less? That’ll hit a few more common ones too (with, from, into, until, upon, like, over, under, plus, down, near).

Personally, I don’t see any problem with (to lift an example from the Chicago manual): Four Theories concerning the Gospel according to Matthew. But I guess a lot of people like to capitalize “concerning” and ”according”, for some odd reason. And MB style would capitalize “to” as well, which seems like another mistake: Four Theories Concerning the Gospel According To Matthew just looks wrong…