TheAudioDB cover art plugin

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I have created a new Picard plugin for using cover art from TheAudioDB. The plugin is available in the official plugin list, so you can easily install it from inside Picard.

TheAudioDB provides high quality cover art and is a great option for people who prefer visual quality over exact representation of a specific release for their digital collection. In this regard the plugin is an alternative or complement to the also available plugin for

Have fun using this, and consider contributing to or They are both great services that integrate nicely with MusicBrainz data and provide, as I think, a valuable addition to the core data provided by MusicBrainz itself and the Cover Art Archive.


Brilliant work! I will give it a test out later.


I’ve never completely understood how the artwork sources order works. Does Picard search until it finds something on one of them, and then stops?


Yes, that’s exactly how it currently works. Ideally the user would have more control over that later on and could e.g. choose to use another source manually, or specify a minimum size they want to find. But at the moment Picard will just use the first source it finds


Thanks. I look forward to when we can see all and choose…