The (un)official moods discussion thread

I figure since moods are coming soon™ to MusicBrainz, I figured I’d start a thread for discussing them ahead of time

I’ll start this off with my two cents…

first off, I think mood aliases should only be used for different versions of the same word, i.e. bittersweet, bitter-sweet, bitter sweet, etc. and by this logic, maybe we’ll end up with moods in multiple languages? i.e. seperate entities for kawaii/かわいい (Japanese) and cute (English), or how Greek has at least 6 different words for Love

my reasoning is that between languages, there is rarely a one-to-one match between the meanings of two words, and even within a language, different words have slightly different meanings. for example, relaxed, chill, and calm each have different connotations to me

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