The Thunderbirds March vs The Thunderbirds March

Just want to check on this one, as even if I put a merge request in this may not be seen amongst all the other on-going open edits.


Surely this is the same base work right? Same composer, and nothing to give any reason that these are different base compositions?


Look the same to me, just someone mistakenly added “song” to one of them.


The edit history of those is pretty crazy, the name has changed a lot!

The only research I did is to listen to the new ‘Thunderbirds are Go!’ version, because I wasn’t sure about that, but it seems to be the same composition. I think you can merge them.

If a fan with more knowledge someone later wants to split off any new ‘based on’ works with proper disambigs I don’t think the current vague split between two works is doing them any favours either.