The Standardise Performers plugin doesn't always append 'guest' and 'additional'



Coming from my findings concerning attributes such as ‘additional’, guest’ and ‘solo’ as described here:

Retrieving (entering?) 'guest' and 'additional' attributes for performers playing more then one instrument?

I thought to create this post to isolate the role that the Standardise performers plugin plays in this.

In the database a performer has a single entry that contains him playing more then one instrument, and the editor has checked ‘guest’ for that whole entry (you can not set checkboxes on a per instrument bases), without the plugin you would get a result such as:

  • guest hammond organ and rhodes piano: Billy Preston

with the plugin you will get:

  • guest hammond organ: Billy Preston
  • rhodes piano: Billy Preston

So the ‘guest’ attribute is detached from his role playing the rhodes piano.

The same happens with ‘additional’.
(and probably with ‘solo’ too)

Could it be addressed in the plugin so that the attribute will be appended to all instruments?

(probably both ‘,’ and ‘and’ should be covered for if an artist has three or more instruments in one entry with a checked attribute)

Retrieving (entering?) 'guest' and 'additional' attributes for performers playing more than one instrument?