The Sinfonia of London, the Sinfonia of London, and the Sinfonia of London!

There have been 3 orchestras called the “Sinfonia of London” yet there is only a single entry in MusicBrainz. Should this be split.

(Confirmed by Wikipedia) there was

  • the ‘original’ Sinfonia of London formed in 1955 which continued working until mid-late 60s.
  • the Peter Willison and Howard Blake era running from 1982 until sometime later
  • the ‘current’ Sinfonia of London reformed in 2018 by John Wilson.

To my mind, these are 3 separate orchestras and so need individual artists in MusicBrainz… but maybe this has been discussed before.

If there is no objection to splitting the credits, do I need to go through each recording/release and manually change the artist credit, or is there a better way?

Thanks (in advance) for the guidance.


Splitting sounds about right, but I can’t say there’s a particularly better way than looking at each release by hand :frowning:



There’s not actually many releases, etc. so it shouldn’t be too onerous.

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