The Simpliest Way to rename (Please help)

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Hi there!

Thanks for this beautiful comunity, i’m not the only one with that sick lol

I’m just askng you the best way to have the simpliest folder and file organization.

I just would a folder organization like this:

Music -> Folder Artist -> Album -> Artist - Title.mp3

Also would beautiful if all the VA (various artists) file didn’t collect in the folder “Various Artists” but will go in “Folder artist” that mentioned first in a folder called: “Spread” o somthing like this.

Thank u in advantage if you can help me would be appreciated, i’m not good in scripting :frowning:

First you should enable “Move files when saving” in Options > File Naming set your “Music” folder as the “destination directory”. Also enable “Rename files when saving”.

Then you have to configure the exact naming of folders and files in the naming script on the same page. The naming script is defining just a pattern for how the folder and file names should be constructed. The very simple format for what you want would be:

%albumartist%/%album%/%artist% - %title%

See how I just replaced the names you mentioned with the proper variables? The file extension will be added automatically, that is something you don’t need to care about. To make the script a bit more robust and also work if %albumartist% is not set use the following:

$if2(%albumartist%,%artist%)/%album%/%artist% - %title%

I don’t fully understand how you want the VA releases to be saved. If you just want to have a different name instead of “Various Artists” for the folder you can rename that in Options > Metadata under custom fields. If it is something else, can you give an example how you want the folder and files to be named in the VA case?

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I think they’re looking for it to be:

Music -> Artist -> Spread -> Artist - Title

(But that’s just a guess.)


Thanks outside!

for VA I meant: I don’t wanna have a VA folder but I would that each artist of VA go to the correct artist folder.

So you actually want not all files of a VA release in a single folder, but separate folders for each artist? In this case please try this if it fits your need (I just replaced albumartist with artist):

%artist%/%album%/%artist% - %title%
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yeah! seems good! but probably when are too many feauturing it doesn’t consider the main artist but create a folder with all artist involved, right?