The RELEASETYPE tag in FLAC Vorbis metadata

I noticed that the MusicBrainz Picard software includes a RELEASETYPE tag which can have a value of “album”, “compilation”, “single”, etc… Is this RELEASETYPE used by any software or is it just a custom tag that can be useful for filtering in certain software like foobar2000?

Also, I would like to capitalize the first letter, like: “Album”, “Compilation”, “Single”, … doing that can affect anything in a negative way?

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This is a specific MusicBrainz tag. So yes, the main use would be for players that support access to arbitrary tags to filter by it. Since this tag is documented and used by Picard for a long time it could be that there is software out there making use of it, but I am not aware on any specific usage.

Likely not, see above.


Media players like KODI uses it: Music tagging - Official Kodi Wiki