The MetaBrainz forum keeps auto-logging me in?

Since a couple of days when I log out of the MetaBrainz forum, I get logged-out, but within seconds automatically logged-in again.
I checked settings in FireFox (which I don’t have set for any password storage), and I checked my Dashlane, but all settings seem o.k. there.

Are other forum members experiencing the same?

As a sidenote:
When trying to login to the MetaBrainz forum, I will first get transferred to the MusicBrainz site.
( I’ve always found that a bit odd, but o.k.)
I enter the password there (the ‘keep me logged in’ box is unchecked), and I get transferred back to the MetaBrainz forum, now logged in.

But when I then log-out of the forum, I am not transfered back to the MusicBrainz website, nor am I being logged-out from it.

So for logging-in it seems they need to be linked, but for logging-out no link exists.
Not a big problem, but it still feels weird and I thought to ventilate it :wink:

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There is some kinda link from the main Musicbrainz website login. I often read the forum logged out, but noticed lately that clicking on a Like button auto-logs in and applies the like. Whereas clicking on my icon or a Reply it asks for credentials first.

It is extra noticable when I have logged in as the forum swaps to Dark mode, but logged out it is still White.

Something has got buggy - probably that Discourse update they did the other day as that has broken other stuff.

I use Vivaldi and clear cookies after logout. So just tried exiting Vivaldi and then coming to the forum first. This time clicking on the Like heart took me to the main site to login first.

I guess something has changed and got a bit confused between the two sites. Clearly buggy as when I am logged out of the forum, but logged into the main website it doesn’t know I have read the forum.

Okay - this is really messed up. I tried to logout of the forum, and then log back in… but the login did not ask for my password and therefore had not fully logged out.

It seems to be caused by this change:


They have not had much luck on this latest release. Broken quoted replies, and now broken any ability to logout. Makes you wonder what else they break we ain’t seen.

MB main site lets me log out, but this forum won’t let me go if I am still logged into the main site…

This way we don’t have to have a forum login/password, we use our MusicBrainz account connection.

I think you were properly logged out from the forum.
But you didn’t log out from, did you?

So when you log in to the forum again, the forums asks for the connection.
If you were not logged in there, you would see the connection screen.
But as you were probably still logged in to MBS, you were instantly re–logged in to the forum after this quick check with MBS.

I did not notice anything special, but I never click to log out of the forum nor MBS.


Yeah, that would explain why the current behaviour is not an issue for you. :wink:


That is the point. These sites used to be two separate login sessions. Now they are kinda half linked in a less that obvious way. Logout does not mean logout on the forum if you are logged into the main site. That is a change. It is also a confusion as there is no warning to say “nope - this button ain’t gonna log you out”. That could be a problem on someone using a shared machine in a library or university for example.

When something is half working like that in an unexpected way, it makes you wonder what else is half broken underneath. Someone needs to check and fix the code as we don’t want another leak :wink: