"The Great Courses" label

I’ve got a pile of lecture courses put out under the Great Courses label. I notice that somebody has entered the basic information, which is done by lecture number. However, when I rip one of the CDs with 2 lectures on it, I get 12 tracks each from about 2.5 to 7+ minutes. I suspect they are simply “bookmark” type track breaks.

How do I go about mapping a disc ID from one of these discs to the release? In my case it’s this release. There are 6 discs in the CD set, with 2 lectures per disk.

Thanks for you help.

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The release you linked to is a “digital media” version, not CD. So the first thing you’d want to do is add a new CD release under the same release group (see ‘All versions of this release’). In that CD release you can ‘add medium’ so you can include all 6 CDs.

You’ll have to create an appropriate number of tracks to match your CDs; if they are in fact simply bookmarks, then track titles like “Zombies Part 1” are probably the way to go.

Alternately, if you have already ripped the CDs and have some reasonable track names for the segments, you can load and cluster them in Picard, and use the ‘Add cluster as release’ plugin.