The General Chatter/Off Topic Thread

Ah yes, that was Erich von Däniken who said that wasn’t it?

That looks more like the march of progress to me. I do like how the entire video is working towards the joke at the end :slight_smile:

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How was the first microscopic living cell created on planet Earth?

Because in the future it will already be known.

We come from amoeba. :wink:

we come from stars, see Moby even sang about it

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Where does Record Club get its music data from?

Record Club sources almost all of its data from MusicBrainz, an open-source project that aims to unify the web’s music data via their MusicBrainz Identifier. Some other notable projects that use MusicBrainz to augment and improve data include, Spotify, YouTube, Amazon, etc.

If you’ve spotted an error with the data, we suggest you first of all report it at MusicBrainz. Since it’s open source, you’re also encouraged to contribute to the improvement of data. Just be sure to read their How to Contribute guide before making changes.