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Radio Retropolis


Telescopic antenna
Bluetooth 5.0
Frequency ranges



Charging MP3 player or mobile phones
USB socket
microSD card reader

Built-in battery: Li-ion 18650, 3.7 V, 1200 mAh
Mains: AC 230 V

Jukebox Auna Graceland TT

Basic information
Belt drive turntable with autostop function
USB port and SD port for music playback and recording function.
Blueutooth connection for playing music from a smartphone, tablet or laptop
CD player with MP3 support and FM radio tuner with 20 station memories
AUX input for cable audio devices and line output for signal redirection
Detailed design with LED lighting and lighting change function (7 colors)


Recently you denied the existence of God.

And is there a UFO?

But are we alone among a billion galaxies?



I didn’t say there was no gods, did I?
This I cannot know.

I just don’t fancy the science fiction “Books of Truth” some humans wrote and their now cheesy fairy tales, and their rules and the mind walls they have built (“we are right” versus “the heretics”).

If there really are some gods, they surely are not those penned by humans.

And about UFO, I haven’t seen any yet, it’s the same, I cannot know. :slight_smile:


I don’t think we are the only life forms in the universe that can fly into space, but the distances are enormous and even worse - the tiny time span of our civilization’s existence.

(I’m a big sci-fi fan)


And… we are back to the sky gods being aliens who built the pyramids. :alien:

As long as they aren’t the Vogons.

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In science fiction - no problem!

In reality: now, that’s just a short while ago. If a space travelling race found a way to go to other places without having to accelerate to high speeds (the speed of light is not very fast to travel between stars and we can’t hope that we could come even close to that). If they would have found by chance especially our tiny planet, they would have missed us by millions of years. If they would have settled down, we would have died out, before starting to speak … most likely :smile:

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“The chances of anything coming from Mars are a million to one,” he said.

So you are saying we need to add a few more zeros to that? :joy:

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…anything other than soil samples, yes :rofl:

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omg I love this kind of shit
.:sparkling_heart: :sparkling_heart: :sparkling_heart:


lol I copy the old program exe from older windowses I have and then I use fiksfaksery to make me capable to remove things like new apps and reuse the old ones
did I know that old notepad.exe from like windows 95 works FINE on win11? XD

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Classic apps for Win11 and Win10


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Warning - you can waste a few hours on his channel…

And as the MB “Instrument Inserter” I need to know how to categorise those instruments… :grin:

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Windows 95 emulator - clickable

Just this. :wink:

Second emulator with real WAV. :wink:

well I already know about the floppy drive musics, Iv’e added several of them back in the day myself :​​​​​D

WAV files in modern Windows and Libre Office.

Another tada.wav

You can record your own WAV, e.g. some @#$% on BSOD.

A classic for the masses :wink:


Theory of evolution.