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MusicLM: Generating Music From Text

Andrea Agostinelli, Timo I. Denk, Zalán Borsos, Jesse Engel, Mauro Verzetti, Antoine Caillon, Qingqing Huang, Aren Jansen, Adam Roberts, Marco Tagliasacchi, Matt Sharifi, Neil Zeghidour, Christian Frank

Google Research

Abstract We introduce MusicLM, a model generating high-fidelity music from text descriptions such as “a calming violin melody backed by a distorted guitar riff”. MusicLM casts the process of conditional music generation as a hierarchical sequence-to-sequence modeling task, and it generates music at 24 kHz that remains consistent over several minutes. Our experiments show that MusicLM outperforms previous systems both in audio quality and adherence to the text description. Moreover, we demonstrate that MusicLM can be conditioned on both text and a melody in that it can transform whistled and hummed melodies according to the style described in a text caption. To support future research, we publicly release MusicCaps, a dataset composed of 5.5k music-text pairs, with rich text descriptions provided by human experts.


24 writers on a single song :exploding_head:


So when it comes to splitting the cash from Spotify they each end up with a cheque for 50pence…

I am trying to work out how a room of 24 people would even operate! Do they do a line each?


Yeah it’s like a game of chinese whispers!

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I’m more thinking of that game where you draw a head on a bit of paper, then fold it over and hide it and then next person draws a torso, etc… :rofl:


Hi all,

For anyone here involved in music composition I made a site for music/audio.

One of the most popular pages is the delay calculator for calculating times in music note timing to use for timing reverbs and delays.

If you need a rap name or just want to have fun, the rap name generator is popular too.



I got:
Dan the Rap Cat

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I got a strange question:

  • A weapon you like

Then, as if it was normal to even like any weapon:

  • Another weapon you like

A weapon? I like? What?! :rofl:
And then… :scream:
What kind of world are you living in, @nickfever?

Update: I think I got it, it’s making fun of Gangsta Rap names, or something.



  • lil uzi vert
  • machine gun kelly
  • Tech N9ne
  • Mack 10
  • Key Glock
  • Squirt Gun Smitty… ok, I made that one up
  • Nicky 2 Gunz… ok, I made that up too

if you hadn’t said you made those last two up, I would have 100% believed those were actual rapper names… lol

Nicky 2 Guns tho… that’s great~


the closest we’ve got is: Johnny 2 Gunz - MusicBrainz

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as seems to be the norm with cool things like this, Tom Scott did a great video on this a while back~


About 17 years ago, I was at work and I can’t remember exactly what happened, but I stood up, flexed both arms and said, “I’m Nicky 2 Guns,” and everybody lost it. I’m not big, lol.


Exploiting aCropalypse: Recovering Truncated PNGs


@chaban - Wow - brilliant. That was a fascinating read. I’ll stick to JPGs. :rofl:

Reminds me when I spotted something similar with (old 2012 era) Skype databases. Turns out if you used Skype to chat, then clicking “delete chat” didn’t clean out the database file. It just reset the pointer to let the next chat overwrite the “deleted” one. So if you had a shorter conversation the next time, the text of the longest chats were never overwritten in the file. That bug cost someone his marriage when I found all the chats he had while having an affair…


A riddle for those more familiar with Picard. Why did the track order get messed up?

MusicBrainz mentioned at 1:01:32

(via Imagining the Internet Center)

“What I would like to see,” he says, “is a central library of every recorded work. I’d like to sit down, pick pieces and compare versions, and I’d like to do this from home. One way would be via cable TV. The cable companies want to do this with movies, but that won’t be commercially viable for years. They’re aligning before the medium is ready. But with compression, the medium is ready for music right now. You could get 50 audio streams in one TV channel.”

One can dream…