The Desert Music

Just edited this one:
It seems like the previous editor had created new works for each of the parts of The Desert Music, but the work was already in MB. These duplicated parts had no parent work. I have changed the links to the pre-existing works (which do have a parent). Since the duplicated works were only linked to this release, should I delete them once the edit goes through?

My understanding is that they are better merged with their pre-existing counterpart so that anyone who has used the works in Picard will still have viable links.

I’m already merging them :slight_smile: One thing I’m not sure of though is what happens if the merges go through before the relationship removals do - would the recordings end up linked to no work at all? :confused:

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I’ll look out for it and re-link if necessary. Perhaps better to accelerate the re-linking first?

It might make sense to just cancel the removals, since I think after the merge they should be the same relationship anyway. But then, I’m not completely sure.

Cancelled. Will keep an eye on what happens next. Still learning this game!
This is a similar case.
I am removing the claimed “composer” from a spurious “work”.
And would then like to merge the “work” to the correct work.
But am now wondering if this plan is a good one.
Will the “work” get deleted before I get to merge it?

If the Work has no relationships, ModBot will purge it. If you want to merge it, just merge it right away.

I’ve just done the merge - should I cancel the removal of the “composer” from the work now and wait for merge? And then proceed?

I’d say leave it and see what happens.

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