The Dark Theme


I have been using the Dark Theme in and I like it very much.
I thought it was something in beta over there and was waiting for it to be deployed in other discource site like here.
But it is still not the case.
Do you think it is stuck on their side or that there is something that should be enabled here by us?


There should be a “Dark Theme” option now (I’m using it!). It’s something I’ve been meaning to look into, but just never gotten around to… It was actually a simple change once I understood what needed to be done. :slight_smile:


Superb, @Freso! :bowing_woman:
I’m using the MetaBrainz Dark Theme (WIP) as of now! :heart_eyes:


Yes! It’s great. I went and changed my Chrome theme to match, even.


Does this mean we’re now in the darkest timeline?


Here is the first issue I have with the otherwise excellent MB Dark Theme.
The edit history diff is hard to read, especially the new text, which is black text over green background.


I’m not a designer and the “MetaBrainz (Dark) Theme” was just quickly thrown together by using some of the MeB logo colours. If anyone has a better theme, I’m happy to replace it, but I’m not going to spend more of my own time on it. :slight_smile: (I’m not using the MeB dark theme myself, just the standard Discourse one, which seems better balanced.)


Actually you don’t have to worry, it’s a problem with the standard dark theme.
So when they fix it over there, the MB Dark Theme should be fixed as well. :upside_down_face: