Teares before bedtime

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Started editing this: https://beta.musicbrainz.org/work/caf5b4ea-bda8-4de3-950c-8a6c6bd01fbc
The idea was to make the spellings consistent with each other and also with the original MS and Wikipedia. However I stopped at No.7, because I wasn’t sure that the remaining “divers pavans” should be prefixed with “Lachrimæ or seaven teares” at all. They are not part of that work although they were published together with it (as “Lachrimæ or seaven teares figured in seaven passionate pavans, with divers other pavans, galliards and allemands”). Arguably, the whole publication might be considered a collection rather than a work - in which case it would have 15 works - the Lachrimae and the other 14 divers pieces. Any thoughts?

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FWIW both IMSLP and Allmusic consider them all part of the work. I’d still say this is definitely a collection rather than a “play this from start to end” work, yeah - but I’d just indicate that with the work-work “part of collection” attribute. :slight_smile:

Sounds right to me. The Lachrimae Pavans seem like they should be a work with seven sub-works: they are variations on a theme, and “there has been speculation that they form some sort of narrative”. The others would then be separate works, but all belonging to one collection.

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Surely I should remove the prefixes from the “divers” work names as well - they make no sense.

BTW, is there a way to change a work into a collection/Series? I think it would be appropriate for https://musicbrainz.org/work/3add4f53-f8f4-40cc-a2bc-0957cb5dd86d .

Those look like they already have a “part of collection” relationship.

Yes, but is it a work, or would a series be more appropriate?

Obviously @ProfChris thinks it a work, otherwise he wouldn’t have laboriously linked them all that way. It does look a bit like a series though. I’d be interested in what the style-meisters think.

Last year there was a discussion on Works and parts of Works etc… (Unfortunately I can’t find the reference to it). My recollection of the conclusion was that Series should not contain a set of works, and that the Work hierarchy with the modifiers of Movement, Number, Collection… should be used wherever Works are involved. Hence “Der Getreue Music-Meister” [https://musicbrainz.org/work/3add4f53-f8f4-40cc-a2bc-0957cb5dd86d] is a container Work rather than a Series

I have made the edits which I hope reflect this thinking correctly. This all looks a bit messy until the edits go through, so if anyone could help that along, I’d be grateful :grinning:
I realise I also ought to turn the "ae"s into "æ"s for the sub-works too, but I’ll leave that after the structure is resolved.