Tags are coming back as partial tag heading

I ran these albums through yesterday and now when I went back to make filename and genre headings the they are all showing up as partial words derived from the tag name. Like artist name is “rtists” and catalogue number is “ATALOGUENUMBER” or in some cases, like release status, it is “usicBrai.” Doesn’t seem to be all the albums but I haven’t gone through them all (sucks, I was really productive yesterday and got a Lot done! Lol). Any idea what happened? I don’t want to have to run every album I tag back through to make sure everything saved ok…

Took me a few to figure out how to upload a pic! (Irony, that was my current ‘lesson’ from little robot)

I’m fairly certain this is only happening to your mp3 files and after tagging with picard, you’ve opened them in WMP or tagged/rated them windows explorer. Maybe even the groove app in windows 10 does it well. Specifically, it’s TXXX frames getting corrupted. It’s been known about for years so you really need to make sure you turn off any automatic tagging options in WMP/groove/etc and don’t rate/tag with any of these programs. You will need to run picard on them again to fix them,


Ok, thanks. What I was afraid of, it’s gonemad media player I use on my phone. Fortunately, it is only a few and I still have the original of most! Thanks!!

I don’t use WMP, if I could uninstall it I would. I don’t even use Groove. Same with IE or Edge (I use Chrome exclusively, to include the extension to route any searches to Chrome/Google) Occasionally, I use MusicBee on my PC but I am fairly certain I never opened the files in it; they are located in a separate folder that MusicBee does not scan. On my phone I use gonemad media player but only copies of the tracks were moved over there. I tried replicating the issue by running them through both programs and nothing happened. Fortunetly, I have not found anymore and it seems to have happened to only a few. In addition, Picard is such an excellent program having to re-tag is a relatively painless process in which a great deal of the usual tedious work is alleviated.

Perhaps, knowing how obnoxious WMP is, somehow it could have gotten ahold of them, that would mean it searched my whole hard drive because these were located on my desktop. If there was a way I could lock it in an airtight container and leave it at the bottom of the sea that still wouldn’t be enough.

Thank you for your reply and warning to further defend my music from freakin WMP! :european_castle::dragon:

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This is a known Windows bug, not just WMP. There’s a link to more info here: https://getmusicbee.com/forum/index.php?topic=20204.0

There’s also a link to instructions for disabling WMP. (You can get rid of Groove, too. Just find instructions for uninstalling default Windows apps. I have both disabled.)

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Thanks! I got rid of WMP but am having trouble with Groove; keep getting an error. which has become the standard operating procedure on here lately. Denied access to folders; strange error about metadata needing 4 strings to unpack on files that have already been tagged. I’m not sure what to do at this point; seems only option is wipe and reinstall. Fortunately, I have little to no install and setup simply because Windows always seems to f*** up before too long. Anyway, thanks for your help solving this issue!

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It happened again. I got rid of WMP (Groove I uninstalled months ago) and haven’t opened the files at all. I tagged them last night, put computer in hibernate, and when I pulled the file up to make a change a number of the tags were changed just like before. What is happening? Is Windows just scanning my hard drive for no reason? Kind of freaking me out, lol.

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