Tagging from filename

I’m new to this but after spending hours writing and rewriting tags so i can tag from a file name, the docs don’t seem to help.
from this file name “BarbaraLewis-ThinkALittleSugar1963” , not my doing!
I need artist, title and year tags filled.
i had %artist%-%title%%year:$right(%filename%,4)%

so why wont it do anything???

I’m not sure if Picard can tag from filenames (maybe it can) but the main point is that it uses MusicBrainz data. If you want to tag straight from your current data without using MusicBrainz, Mp3tag might be better? They have “convert tags from/to filenames” docs at least!

Picard has a “Tags from filenames” feature, but it is for sure only a helper functionality and no primary feature.

Tagger Script is not supported in the tags from filenames dialog. Given there is no clear delimiter for the year part that feature won’t help you much.

I would suggest you try to match the files to existing MB recordings to fix the tags using Picard’s primary tagging functions (lookup, scan, MB search)