Tagging Best Practice

@IvanDobsky, you mentioned in an earlier conversation that you had tagged images of your 500 cds.

I want to tag all of my CDs, I want to tag each track separately, this is largely determined. I also want to tag which CD each track came from. I can’t see what tags I would use to do that. Other people have suggested keeping a single flac file as an archive of the CD image and tagging that, but when I split it for sperate tracks, there’s the problem of how to record where it came from.


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I keep my CDs in an album per folder with separate FLACs for each track.

\Pink Floyd[1986] The Dark Side of the Moon\1-04 - Pink Floyd - The Great Gig in the Sky.flac

I use separate FLACs Picard can tag each track fully. Also my media centre (KODI) can then play them as I like.

A single file rip does not play well with Picard or KODI. EAC splits and compresses the CDs so well that it is not an issue for me. DSotM being a good example of gapless playback being preserved by EAC.

Learning how to get Picard working fully will give you want you need. It will take a while as sorting through the various choices for Dark Side of the Moon will take a little while. Even with a barcode you’ll need that CD in hand to check artwork if you want to get really exact.

Plenty of editors will help you out here. Best to pick a few albums to start experimenting with and you’ll soon be in the swing of what can be done with Picard.


How do you tag the track files so that if they are not in the ‘parent’ folder, you know where they came from?

I don’t understand your question.

I would Rip using EAC. EAC would make those folders and filenames to keep all my tracks separated per album. Then I can drop one folder that holds a single album into Picard to get more exact match for more detailed tags to be applied.

I have some duplicated songs - from the original CD and some from greatest hits / the essential blah. While I want them as individual files within a folder hierarchy as you describe, I want to tag them so that I know which album they came from if I have just a selected subset of my music on my phone say.

Make folders. Your key is folders.

For me Dark Side of the Moon is a good example. I have four CDs with that on, this is why the year is in the folder name. I also have those tracks on compilation and other Various Artists collections.

So visibly it is separated into folders.

And next up we have Picard. When it tags an album it will add various MBIDs. IDs that link back to the database. So a copy of “Money” will have an ID embedded to show which Album it belongs to, which Track it is, which Recording it is, which Work it is. Also IDs for the Artist, etc.

Tag an album and look at what is added as extra data. This is the beauty of what MB can add at being able to tell different tracks apart.

It will help to know what you are aiming to achieve. Then we can help tune Picard to your needs. :slight_smile: For example, your phone will be working with the Folders first and reading the album and track titles from the tags.

There are the album and albumartist tags for this purpose. Your audio player on your phone will use those to show the files grouped by album.

If you tag with Picard it will also write the MusicBrainz IDs of the album and artist’s, allowing you to later exactly identify which release this was tagged with.