Tag without album?


Is is possible to run the scan option for tagging and when saving have it not fill in the album information without having to manually clear it?


You want to scan your album with Picard but you don’t want that Picard save any tags? (Why do you scan the songs at all?)

Or do you want to save only some specific tags?
Or do you want to clear some specific tags (like the tag %album% - if it exist in your tracks)?


I was looking at this as a way to force picard to do a lookup for the original album as opposed to compilations
I have another thread going on this… basically the problem is
"I find that when I do a scan some songs will get reported as coming from greatest hit or songs of the 80s as an example instead of the original album and performer for example born in the USA by Bruce Springsteen, is there a plug in or script that I can use to have the program always select the original release? I realize it is scanning and the actual recording may have come from a greatest hits or a live performance, however I would like it to be from the original album. Does anyone know how to do this?"