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Someone once helped me with this before the forum changed and I have been searching through the forums again. I was hoping someone could help me out again. I, still, after these many years struggle to understand the scripting ideas. I want to add a disc subtitle to the album tag in Picard not in the file naming but the actual tagging of the file so iTunes will recognize. Example ‘The Beatles in Mono: Revolver’ for the album tag of the Beatles in Mono disc of Revolver. Any help is appreciated, thank you Musicbrainz and Picard. I love the app and site.

Try setting this in Options > Advanced > Scripting:

$set(album,$if(%discsubtitle%,%album%: %discsubtitle%,%album%))

This will set the album tag to include the disc subtitle. In your file naming script use %_album% instead of %album% if you want to have the album title without subtitle.


So quick, thank you!

This is a development of @outsidecontext’s script which ignores bad data in which the discsubtitle name is the same as the album name:

$set(album,$if($and($ne($upper(%discsubtitle%),$upper(%album%)),%discsubtitle%),%album%: %discsubtitle%,%album%))

Very useful. Thanks.

A small tweak - what is the name of the “disambiguation” field? I’d also like to stick that into the album name tag too as it usually hold the (deluxe edition) or (30th anniversary edition) text that would also be useful to see in my titles.

So this album:

Would look something like
Come On Pilgrim… It’s Surfa Rosa (30th anniversary edition) [CD 3:Live from the Fallout Shelter]

%_releasecomment%, see also https://picard.musicbrainz.org/docs/tags/


I’ve looked at that more than once, and comically kept missing it.

Thanks :slight_smile:

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